Thursday, January 17, 2013

Max = 2 Months!

(I had to look at the calendar and make sure it was ACTUALLY two months.)

I know that every. single. month. I'm going to say ... "How is it possible that he can be so old already!?!"
I'll try not to say it every month.
But I know I will.


Just kidding.
There's THREE official 2 month photos.  He's so dang cute, I couldn't pick just one.
In fact ... I couldn't pick just three, either.
Here's three more ... with his cow. :-)

And yes ... you're reading that correctly.
He now weights 12 POUNDS!  TWELVE!
I went back and checked Lucy's baby book.  She weighed 12 pounds at FOUR months.  Lil' bro has got her beat by two months!

He was out of newborn-sized diapers about three weeks ago ... and frankly, he's gonna be out of size 1 diapers before I know it.  In fact, maybe tomorrow.  :)~
I had stocked up on diapers, based on a rough estimate of how many I used with Lucy .... yep, bought way too many size 1s!

And his newborn-sized clothes (which were put away already last month at this time) are about to get some company from his 0-3 month clothes.  {sniff, sniff}
I'm just glad I didn't buy as many clothes with this kiddo!  (probably because there just aren't as many options for boys ... at least, not CUTE options!)

Last month, Max's chalkboard said "LOVES to eat!"
This month?  The first two weeks (including the notorious "six week growth spurt" -- he ate like a horse!)  Now? ... not so much.
We aren't sure if he's got some reflux going on or what, but it is a chore to get more than 2 oz of milk down him at a time.
The ONLY time he is fussy is WHILE he is eating.  (Isn't that a little backwards!??)

Consequently, whereas last month I talked about how nice it was that Max was only getting up once at night .... now, he's up at least twice most nights.  (I know it's because he isn't filling his tummy up enough to last very long!)


Oh, sleep ....
We'll know each other again someday.

Honestly though ... I don't mind it.  I LOVE holding the little guy and snuggling with him ... I could pretty happily do it 24 hours a day... and during the daytime, there are often other things (like an energetic four-year-old) competing for my time.  :-)

He's getting so much more interactive, too .... smiling, cooing, giggling, making faces, and sticking his hands in my mouth! :)~

He is such a cutie pie!  Just like his big sis'. :-)

Told ya'. :-)

Oh, and I didn't forget the laundry basket picture!
I'm two-for-two so far!

Here's month #2 ....

And months #1 AND #2 ....

As you can see ... he has grown ... A LOT!
I sure hope he slows down.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I made a note-to-self last month to work on my one-handed typing so that I can get more blog posts written  .... yeah.  Apparently, that didn't happen. 
I'll keep working on it.  

Hope you're all having a great January!