Sunday, September 22, 2013

Max = 10 Months!

Yep, I'm almost a week late with this month's update.

I have gone from single mom to single WORKING mom this month, can you tell...? : )~
(For those of you just tuning in -- no, I'm not actually single.  My husband has just been working out of town for the last three-and-a-half months, so we only get to see him on Sundays.  Annnnd, I'm a teacher who just went back to work after being on maternity leave for a year!)

Adjustment period.

But as frazzled and behind as I may look/seem/sound . . . my kiddos have taken this new schedule in stride, and everyone is doing great!
Especially this handsome little man . . .

(He's fighting a little cold, his eyes are a little sad and droopy today!)
He's getting so big!
So bittersweet for his mama.  

It's been another month of exciting new firsts in Max's world, too!

Another new tooth (both on the bottom).  
Standing up almost all the time now!  (And only holding on with one hand . . . he's getting pretty confident!)
Eating alllll the time, it seems like!  And I love that he's started eating more "real" food now -- he polished off the other half of sister's grilled cheese yesterday! ;-)
And he is SO infatuated with DADA!  (which makes me SO sad because he only gets to see him one day a week! . . . THANK THE LORD this is the LAST week, and then Daddy will be HOME again!!!)
I'm not sure which one of us is happiest about this!?!

I wrote in the "loves" section . . . EVERYTHING, because - well, that is just pretty much how he is!  There (still) isn't much that upsets him.  We are so lucky to have this sweet, happy-go-lucky guy!
He will happily play alone (or with sister) for hours at a time . . . or is content to sit in the corner and read books.  

I am so relieved he has adjusted so quickly to me being gone every afternoon.  He LOVES Grandma Joy and (cousin) Monika, who come to watch the kids while I'm at work.  It's so nice not to have to deal with a crying, clingy baby every time I have to leave -- that multiplies the mom-guilt by about a million!  (As if it isn't bad enough already!)  And I know it is so much easier this time around because Lucy is here with him -- she is the perfect security blanket. ;-)

I think Max and I are BOTH ready to be done with these laundry basket pictures!
(For different reasons, of course! ... me, because it's one more thing to do every month ... and him, because it is totally NOT comfy in there anymore! : )~

Hard to believe in only two more months, this year of laundry basket photos will be complete. : (
This year has flown by faster than any other, but it has been filled with so much JOY, which has so much to do with our MIRACLE MAX!

Love this little guy so much, I almost can't stand it!

** And on another note . . . I will be posting my Color Run adventure later this week!  Can you believe I actually did it??? I RAN a real-live 5K!  WOOP-WOOP!