Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucy!

Five years ago on this day, the best part of my life began.
I became a mama.

If only I knew then what I know now . . . 
That I would love this little bundle of joy more than everything else combined -- times infinity . . . 
Then maybe I would have taken more time to enjoy every single second.  
Because now -- 157,680,000 seconds later -- I would give almost anything to go back in time to 6:20 a.m. on 10/27/08 and do it all over again.  


Deep breath.  

My little Lucy Lu (her middle name is not Lu, by the way -- it's Elaine) is my happy place.  
She is the happiest, most joyful, energetic, fun-loving, entertaining little girl I know . . . and I know a LOT of little girls.  
I know I'm her mama, and I have to say this sort of stuff . . . but the difference here is, it's TRUE.  
From the moment she arrived (in a BIG hurry), she has been nothing but a blessing.  
I cannot imagine my life without her, and there is nothing I am prouder to be than this child's mom.  
God may have made us wait an awfully long time for her . . . but she was SOOOOOO worth the wait.
And then some.  

I thought about taking a trip down memory lane and posting a photo from each year, but I just can't handle it.  

(At what point does one stop wanting to sob uncontrollably and/or hyperventilate and/or curl into the fetal position every year on their child's birthday....?  I'd really like some assurance that I will be able to HANDLE this some year.)

So . . . you get the five-year-old Lucy only today.  





And 100%, my favorite of things.  

I love you, Lucy . . . to the moon and back times infinity, and then some more.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Max = 11 Months!

Oh, boy.
This is getting a little out-of-control, on a variety of levels.

1. Yes, it's been an ENTIRE MONTH since I last showed my "face" around here.
2.  Life has been BUSY - even with TWO parents in the house again (hubs was working out of town all summer).
3.  Fall around here means lots of work, preparing for TWO birthdays, craziness at school with conferences, field trips . . . and just general trying to teach kindergartners to SIT STILL long enough to LEARN SOMETHING!
4. I hate blogging now because every photo editing program I've ever used keeps disappearing (first Picnik, now Picasa), and as much as I appreciate that PicMonkey is at least still HERE, it's just not easy to use when you have to add watermarks to a BUNCH of pics at once -- yet it's the only choice I have left since I don't DO photoshop.  : (   Boo.
5. It's a darn-good thing I'm almost to month #12 with these Max pics, because they are no longer really all that possible.

For example . . . the other day when I was (trying to) take these pics, this is what mostly happened:

He was much more interested in the trampoline . . . 

And don't even get me started on the laundry basket photo . . . 

(This was BEFORE all heck broke loose as he wrapped himself up in the blanket while twisting around to get up -- stood up -- tipped the basket over -- and did a face-plant in the process.) 
It wasn't pretty.

Bottom line:  He just isn't one for holding still these days.  At all. 
I'm already dreading the 12 month photos, and I just took the 11 month photos.  

I'm dreading them for other reasons, too . . . but that's a whole other problem.  

This is the ONE semi-good picture I snagged this month:
It's not clear, but that's because he was in motion -- and so was I, trying desperately to snap a picture before he moved AGAIN!

Lucky for me, the chalkboard doesn't move . . .

Mr. Max is around 20 lbs. (I think).  His 12-month-sized clothes are still a bit big on him, as are his size 4 shoes -- but I'm just excited he's finally keeping shoes on his feet!  (Only because he can't get these OFF! LOL!)
He is walking along the furniture pretty well now, and occasionally standing on his own (without realizing it).  Though I originally thought he'd be walking by now, he seems perfectly happy motoring around on his hands and knees -- and really doesn't seem too eager to walk.  
I suppose that could change overnight though, so we shall see what this month has in store.  

Did I mention he doesn't hold still much?  
Yeah, no.  
He is definitely the monkey of the family!  I can't remember Lucy EVER climbing onto or over or out of anything - she never even attempted it!
Max?  Climbing onto any piece of furniture he's tall enough to reach, climbing OUT of his high chair (yikes!), and I'm afraid he'll be climbing over his crib rails before too long, which scares the heck out of me! 
Sure was nice not to have to worry about that when Lucy was little.  I had to literally coax her out of her toddler bed every morning, assuring her it was okay to get up now -- and that was still happening at three-and-a-half! 
No chance that'll be the case with Max, I'm afraid. : )~
At this point, it's hard enough just changing him.  MY GOSH.  Sometimes Scott, Lucy and I are ALL involved in the diaper-changing process -- and even that doesn't always end well. : )~
He really is my little monkey.  
But I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Here's the monkey before he upended the basket . . . 

And here's the collage of pics that I can't really look at without wanting to bawl like a baby.
The fact that the next time I'm writing a "Max post", he will be a whole year old is making me CRAZY.
I guess it's probably good I'm so busy right now.  
That keeps me from thinking too much about my baby turning into not-such-a-baby anymore.  : (

I know I told you I'd post about running my first (and only) 5k race . . . let's just pretend I'm saying that now for the first time, and I'll try -- REALLY HARD -- to do that SOON.  

I hope the few of you who still check in here from time-to-time are well!  I sure appreciate hearing from my "real" blog friends from back in the day when I actually blogged!  I still love you gals -- even though I'm not visiting your blogs every day like once upon a time. :-) 
Hugs! :-)