Sunday, January 12, 2014

Max = 12 Months!

Okay, just kidding . . . Max is NOW almost 14 months!
But I never posted my 12th and final monthly Max update and laundry basket photos!

So . . . it might be almost two months late, but better late than never!

Oh - and as you can tell by the photos (or lack of photos) . . . it's gotten A LOT harder to take pictures of this little dude lately.
He doesn't stop moving.
Particulary when you WANT him to stop moving.

That is the ONLY decent photo of him looking at the camera with the chalkboard in the background.  
Gone are the days of "propping" him next to the prop!  HA!

And here is the official ONE YEAR chalkboard.  
It's amazing (now that I'm writing this two months late) to realize how much he's changed SINCE turing one year.  
Mostly in the area of walking.  
Since I snapped that picture, he has pretty much gone into fast-forward . . . and I mean that, literally.  
No more 1-2 steps.  There's no losing him, now. . . he's right on my heels!

And he's recently gone from "Mr. Max" to "MONSTER Max".  
This child gets into EVERYTHING, has NO fear, and is as stubborn as the day is long.  
He's still incredibly sweet and adorable and easy-going . . . but little man has a definite mind of his own -- and a temper.  

We have already mastered the art of fit-throwing.  
Something I had previously never experienced (with Lucy, I mean).  

Take (read: rip, tear, or wrestle) something out of his hands, and he promptly throws himself on the ground and cries . . . LOUDLY.  With GUSTO.  
For about 20 seconds.  
Then he moves on.  

Thank goodness it's short-lived . . . for now.  
I fear age two already. 

Chewing on the fingers.

And . . . then there's the laundry basket photo.
Yeah, not so much.
Totally UN-impressed with me putting him in a laundry basket and expecting him to STAY there.  
It's a miracle I actually got a picture snapped before he stood up and tipped the whole thing over, trying to climb out.  
I snapped TWO even!

He wasn't any happier then. : )~

But it had to be done.  
After all, that was the whole point of this when I started it a whole YEAR ago.  
I remember placing my precious 1-month-old baby boy in that basket the first time, thinking how fun it would be to see how much he'd grow throughout the year.

I wasn't thinking then about how it would twist my stomach into knots, too.  Or break my heart into a million pieces, looking back at how much -- and how fast -- he grew.  

Hence, ONE of the reasons (and probably the biggest) for why it's taken me almost two months to post this.  
I couldn't stand to look at the finished product!

I think I need therapy.  

Most people don't get this emotional about their babies, do they??  
Or maybe ya'll are just good at hiding it.  

But without further ado, here it is . . .

All I can think about is this:

The waiting . . . and waiting . . . and tears . . . and doctors . . . and waiting . . . and praying . . . and waiting . . . and giving up, almost.  

And now I have this wonderful, perfect, little man.  

Who loves to show off his bare belly . . . and loves to ride his cow . . . and loves to laugh and be laughed at.
My future cowboy, maybe? 

I don't know.  
God knows.  
Yes.  He does.  

Just like He knew all along that a year ago would be the PERFECT time for this boy to join our family.  
The best lesson in FAITH I've ever received.  
And sooooooooo worth the wait.