35 by 35

These are thirty-five goals I hope to accomplish before I turn thirty-five.  I don't know why I picked thirty-five.  It's a good round number, I guess.  And it gives me several years to procrastinate - oops, I mean get busy!

1.  take a photography class and actually learn how to use my DSLR (check!)
2.  bake homemade bread
3.  read a book for enjoyment purposes again (pathetic goal, I know) (check!)
4.  learn how to play barre chords on my guitar - starting with F
5.  sing in Portland's Singing Christmas Tree choir
6.  have another baby (or two)
7.  go on a cruise
8.  go to Disneyland with Jenny (check!)
9.  go to New York (perhaps with Jenny again) and see a Broadway musical there
10.  shoot a gun (I don't really want to, but I feel I should learn how)
11.  build a bed with Scott
12.  wallpaper one wall in my house
13.  grow a successful garden (check!)
14.  get my horse back in shape
15.  start my own preschool (I know - that's a big one!)
16.  paint a piece of furniture (check!)
17.  paint "rules to live by" canvas for Lucy
18.  make jam
19.  go back to Kauai with Scott
20.  get better at blogging(check ... at least I think so!)
21.  read my Bible every day
22.  ride in a hot air balloon
23.  make more soup (check!)
24.  go on a canopy tour (zip lines!)
25.  meet The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond
26.  win something on PW's website
27.  take a cooking class with my mom (check!)
28.  lose 15 pounds
29.  randomly (and anonymously) pay for someone's meal at a restaurant
30.  apply for The Amazing Race with my sister
31.  go skiing again
32.  teach Lucy how to ski (aka:  make Scott teach Lucy how to ski)
33.  bake a pie (including crust from scratch)
34.  ride the train to Seattle
35.  go camping (in a tent) with Scott and Lucy (again, not something I necessarily want to do, but feel like I should for Lucy's sake - I actually liked camping as a child!)

OK, so some of these goals are a little more realistic than others.  And apparently, I've got a LOT of traveling to do in the next 3 1/2 years!  But it will be fun to see how many of them I can actually check off ...  and no one ever said I couldn't add a few extra years in there if necessary! :)~


  1. What a great idea. Unfortunately I turned 35 this year, and I don't want to think about turning 40.

  2. I love this! I have a list of 33 things to lead to a more successful year but I think I will also create a bigger "goal" list to work toward. 35 is a great number! Good luck!

  3. I love this! I am now going to add a list like this to my blog! :]

  4. #2 is so easy. You and Lucy could do it any afternoon or evening. This is the first recipe I tried. It was delicious and EASY. Be warned though, unless you eat a lot of bread, halve it. Homemade bread doesn't have all the nasty preservatives so it doesn't last as long.

  5. I love this idea. I love setting goals and things I want to achieve. I have attempted the 101 things in 1001 days, but fail at it. It's just so much, but 35 is a good number!

    *new follower from the blog hop

  6. #33 bake a pie: I know I haven't done the pastry from scratch, but this recipe, from my blog, is soooo easy to do and very very yummy!!!

    #4 I'm there too, trying to do it...

  7. This is such an awesome idea! You inspired me to make one too :-) I did 30 by 30, which is 7 years away, but so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  8. A suggestion for the homemade "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking" by Zoë Francois & Jeff Hertzberg. It will change your life. We rec'd it as a gift and my hubby has actually become the bread man. But he literally will whip up a batch of dough in no time at all and then put it in the fridge, and for a week, he just pulls out whatever amount of dough he wants and we have fresh bread in no time at all! Better than a bread machine!! Seriously!!!

  9. Here is how I make homemade bread! It seems hard but it is actually quite simple! I wish we lived closer and I would just have you over and our girls could play while we whipped up a batch! Hope that helps :D

  10. Glad I found your blog. I was wondering if you read "Twenty Wishes" by Debbie Macomber? I LOVE that book and make a list of my 20 life long wishes...I also have LEARN TO BAKE BREAD on my list...Gonna try making it happen tonight as I got an Artistan bread book for Christmas and some tools I needed..Supposed to snow here in NYC tonight so sounds like a fun thing to try..Thought you might enjoy that book.

  11. Lets do # 22 together! (: that is on my bucket list. :D I think that would be an amazing experience! I would LOVE to do share with you! <3

  12. I love your list! I made a year 32 list this past year on my birthday and it's been such a fun ride!

    And I wanted to say thank you for inspiring my 40 bags in 40 days challenge...I have a group of friends and we're all going to do it together this year during Lent.

  13. Cross #2 off your list, you will be so happy... and your fmaily impressed.. takes no more than 5 minutes to make this bread!/photo.php?fbid=197532633646735&set=a.143209042412428.27691.133222196744446&type=3&theater

  14. 29 i do this when i can. Its called the drive thur diffrece you pay for the persons meal in the drive thur behind you..... I leave a note that says, Pay it forward-love God...

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  16. Yikes! You just made me realize that my 30th birthday is less than 6 months away!!! I think somehow ever since my past birthday I've been still thinking this one is a year away...haha I'm inspired by you though and I will probably do one for 30 (doable in 5 months) and start writing the big one for 35! Good luck completing yours! :-)

  17. Love this! Thanks for inspiring. Found your through pinterest, while looking for pallet book shelves for my little guy. Loved yours and have been exploring while the little man is asleep. I'll be back.

    :) Lisa

  18. Which Portland? Is it Oregon or Maine? And TracyLee13, thanks for the reference to the book. Unfortunately, everyone, I'd now have to start a list called 50 by 50. Yikes! (My youngest just turned eight.)

    1. I just bought Tracy's book. I am replying to my own post so you can email me to tell me which Portland you are near. I read all about you on here but can't tell where you are! Oops. I can't post and give you my email address because it isn't requested in the comment process.

    2. Hi Sarah,
      I don't have your email, so can't email you ... but we are in Oregon. :-)

  19. Hey Rebecca!
    I see you want to play barre chords? I could show you next time I see you! I just learned a song that uses the Bb chord (Bflat) and its reeeeeally pretty!
    See ya later!
    Spencer Hopkins
    ( -.-) <3


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