All About Me

Hey there!
I'm Bec.
I'm a wife, a mama, and a kindergarten teacher ... all wrapped into one.  Pretty special, huh!?  (That was a joke.)
And this is my blog, mostly about my favorite little two-year-old, Lucy.
I started this blog to get out of making a real scrapbook because - well, I've come to grips with the fact that I will never actually get any of Lucy's childhood documented if left to scrapbooking.
I tried to convince myself I liked that whole thing once upon a time - and I sort of do.  But only if I have NOTHING else to do. (And when will that ever happen...?   Exactly.)
I couldn't stand the thought of having half-finished pages and scrapbooks laying around, collecting dust - never to be finished and actually enjoyed.
Enter:  Lucy blog.
Not sure what ever possessed me to think I might actually understand and have the capability of operating a blog - heck, I don't even remember knowing what that word WAS until I started this!  
And I have since come to realize, there are blogs out there that put my little ol' "scrapbook" to shame a thousand times over!
WOW.  Just check out some of the sites in my "Favorite Blogs".  SOOOO cool.  I want to have a cool blog someday.  (But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that day to arrive, if you know what I mean.)

In the meanwhile... thanks for stopping by to read my semi-pathetic-attempt-at-being-technologically-gifted blog about our average, ordinary, everyday life!  (It doesn't sound so fun ... but we are pretty entertaining, on occasion.) :)~

(To read a little more about me, click HERE.)


  1. I know what you mean about the half finished pages - the amount of time it takes to do a "real" scrapbook you'd be missing out on her life and enjoying your time with her. I love your blog, it's such an inspiration!

  2. LOL:) Enjoyed what you said about the scrapbook pages. I have pages done, sitting in protective sheet covers, not found an album liked for them, I have albums sitting here, paper among paper among paper, embellishments, and so on. I do Love scrapbooking, but I seem to be busy all the time. Sadly, I have a spare room that is a mini scrapbook store of sorts with what I own so far:)

    I LOVE you blog, Simple, to the point, airy, and upbeat...thank you!:) Have a super weekend, and thanks for sharing with us all:)


  3. HI! ok I just stumbled across your blog though pinterest.. and I just would like you to know I"m so impressed.. and inspired! which I think that is the ultimate goal in this whole 'blogging' thing anyways :) I just started doing this about 3 weeks or so ago, after a conversation with my childhood bestfriend who lives in FL. and I'm in NH, so in a way to keep each other up-to-date, and what's going on in our o-so-little lives, we decided to do this together.. So I'm still so confused beyond belief, but like the whole idea, and try to figure more out everyday.. well I say all this just to say, hi, i really like your blog, and after reading your 'about me' section, felt a ton of similar feelings, and just wanted to let you know :) so thanks for sharing.. its really encouraging for us newbies ;) ~Breanne

  4. I have a blog for the exact same reason! Lol! I wish I was a better scrapbooker, but blogging is so much easier!

  5. hey just wanted to let you know that i love your blog and your ideas! The colors are so warm and inviting! I too hope that someday i can have a cool blog :) it all starts somewhere though right!?! God bless :)

  6. Hello, I found you on pinterest...I am the one who's not quite sure about the pumpkins on your cute burlap bunting. So, I looked up your blog, great by the way, and was wondering where you live, I think we have a lot in common...teaching kindergarten, I love your 35 by 35. It makes me want to make a list of my own. Have a great day!

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  8. Sorry had to delete my last post im posted it and it didnt sound right lol. Now u see where I am going to run into problems when I do start my own blog hee hee. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog and that it inspires me to one day have my own when I start a family:)

  9. Just found you at Beneath My Heart-and now I'm a follower-stop on over for a visit!!

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