Welcome to the personal website and blog of Bec, where she writes all about her life. You will be able to read about her experiences in being a mother to two children, a wife, a devout Christian, and even a teacher to kindergarten children as well. That may sound like a lot, but it actually really is my life. You are going to be able to read about my day to day life stories if you check out my posts. I have had a long history with writing for my blog, so there are a lot of older posts that you can check on. And you will be able to do so through the use of my blog’s archive.

I have got two lovely children, Lucy and Max, with my loving husband, Steve. I will write about my everyday experiences that I have with them. You can read updates about them growing up or the birthdays that they are celebrating soon. You will get to join me through all of the stages of holding their birthdays, including the organizing. So if you want to read about my thoughts about child rearing, just look through my website, and you may get a good idea of what kind of parenting strategies that I employ to raise my children.

I decided to start this blog as a sort of online scrapbook for documenting the way that my two children are going to grow up. I do not want to miss out anything that happens to them, so this is the blog where I will put their pictures to share with people. And over time I decided to also include what is happening to me as well. So you as a reader will get to become familiar with my life!

Aside from my experiences as a parent, you will also get to read about what I do to cope with the life of a homemaker and a wife. There are all sorts of tips and guides that I can offer you when it comes to managing your own households. I can offer you tricks on how to get the right Christmas presents, and even how to balance your household budget as well. There is a lot that you can learn about homemaking through my blog.

My spiritual life and relationship with God is also another important thing about me. And you will get to see that there is a huge part of my life dedicated to my spiritual health. You will get to expect a lot of future posts about Bible studying that will be added to my blog posts. So if you want to stay inspired in your quest with a closer relationship with God, let me inspire you! You can also join me on my own journey to attain a closer relationship with God, as I will include insightful Bible studies that I have come across in my daily readings.

As a teacher for kindergarten children, I also have got a lot of entertaining stories to tell about the classes of kids that I have handled. You would be greatly entertained by the stories of the children that I have got to share. And if you are curious at all at some of the adventures I have had as a kindergarten teacher, look no further than my blog. In it, you can find a lot of true stories that have happened to me. Some of my stories are poignant, but most of the stories that I will share about kindergarten children are going to be downright funny.

On my posts, you may also see some of the amateur photographs that I have taken with my DSLR camera. I love photography and I constantly want to improve the skills that I have. I will include pictures that I have taken with my own camera as part of the blog posts that I will share. You should check out some of the sample photographs that I have taken if you are interested in seeing some of my work. And I have always resolved to become a better amateur photographer, and I hope to continue doing so in the future by learning more from experience!

Just think of this whole blog as a kind of scrapbook of my life. It will contain a bit of everything that has happened to me. You get to see a peek of what I am up to if you read my blog regularly. I will try to document everything about my life as a mother and teacher, as thoroughly as I can.