A few of my favorite things in the world!

The title may be a bit misleading because there are definitely more than just a few things that I love in the world. And you will find that in this list that there is going to be more things that you will be able to count. I apologize if I listed an inordinate amount of things, but I just love being alive in this world, and therefore I love a lot of things as well. Here is a list of a few things that I love most in the world. And of course, my favorite things that are not on this list is my family!

These are just some assorted things that give me joy or simple pleasures.

The presence of horses. I love the way that they smell and look! I just love being around horses all of the time. And I find that I feel happier when I am around them.

Going to Disneyland is one if my favorite things. I liked Disney films when growing up. So going to Disneyland and trying out the different theme park attractions is like a dream come true.

Visiting and shopping at the store Anthropologie. The selection that they have is one of the best in the world in my opinion. And I love discovering new items there.

Watching live musical theater! I especially love watching the musical, Wicked!

Nurturing kids in my kindergarten. I just think kids are so cool and I love teaching children at the kindergarten level.

Stuff that is designed to look vintage. I love the way that vintage stuff looks.

Taking photographs of nature and my surroundings. I consider myself an amateur photographer, and with my DSLR I want to continue taking pictures of the world around me.

The scent of the air in Central Oregon. Nothing beats the smell and freshness of the air of my home state!

Shopping, in general, is something that I adore doing. Ther is just something so relaxing whenever you go on a shopping trip. Plus, it feels really magical when you discover something worth buying.

Our awesome God. I love God and learning about him. I especially love learning about God through inspiration Bible studies.

Reading books written by Nicholas Sparks, there is just something so inspirational about his stories.

Drinking Jamba Juice. I love the tropical flavor of these drinks.

Seeing tulips bloom during the Spring season.

Tasting chowder that is made with clam, whenever I am visiting the beach.

Seeing all of the fashions on sale at Nordstrom.

The sweet and flavorful taste of a bite of Swiss Cheese.

The taste of a mug of hot chocolate whenever the weather is cold.

Listening to power ballads that were produced in the 1980’s. Their beats are just too groovy.

Spectating at Volleyball matches whenever I have the t

My kitchen, or any other kitchen for that matter.

Smelling and trying out new scented candles.

Watching movies, especially if they have got Reese Witherspoon or Julia Roberts starring in them.

Catching any show that is airing on the Food Network channel.

Those are just some of the things that give me joy in this world. A lot of these things are pretty mundane, but I am just a pretty simple woman.