Readers of this blog usually send the same questions over and over again. And in an effort to make finding answers to those questions more easily, I have started this FAQ page for you to peruse. You may hopefully be able to read this list of frequently answered questions and get some kind of answer to the one that you are wondering about. Not all of these answers on this part of the website may be the ones to your questions, so if you have got a question that is not covered, you should send me a message directly.

What is your name?

In case you did not know already, my name is Bec. And I am the one woman writer and founder of this website.

What is your job?

I currently am a kindergarten teacher. So you can read all about my adventures teaching pre-schoolers and kindergarteners through my posts. I share stories about my job that you may find interesting. However, I consider being a mother and a wife as my first and foremost job.

Are you married?

I have been happily married to the man of my dreams, Steve, for several years now. Our first trip together was on our honeymoon, at Kauai. You can read more of my married life through my posts.

Do you have any children?

Yes, I certainly do have kids. I am the proud mother of Max and Lucy, two darling children I have given birth to. You can expect them to be featured a lot in some of my posts as well.

What is this website?

This is a personal website and blog that is run by Bec. It has got all of the latest musings and thoughts are written by one site author.

What kind of content is on this website?

You can basically expect any kind of content to be posted onto my website. You may think of this website as a sort of scrapbook for my life. It will be like a journal wherein I put my goals, daily thoughts, adventures, family life stories, and so much more. If you love the way I write, you should check out my post archive to read more about my stories.

Is there a way to get the latest updates on new blog posts?

There sure is a way for you to get the latest updates to any new content that I post. You are able to enter your email address into one of the newsletters sign up options on my blog. If you sign up for one of the newsletters that are offered, you will get notified each time that a new post is added to this website. Please sign up for my newsletter, as it is one way of supporting this website.

You can learn more about me if you read through my blog posts. I have had this blog online for a fairly long time, so there is a lot that you can read about me on the blog posts that I have written.